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Your next intern is here

Your next intern is here

Your next intern is here

Discover why the perfect intern for your business may be a student at IUT Le Mans, and how we can help you get in touch (and more).


IUT stands for Institut universitaire de technologie. There are 113 IUTs all over France, providing professional training in a wide variety of fields, both in the service and industrial sectors.
Our Institute is located in Le Mans, a bustling middle-sized city, just a one hour train ride away from Paris. It has
about 1000 students in 4 departments :

  • Chemistry,
  • Instrumentation and Measurement,
  • Mechanical and Production Engineering,
  • Business Administration.

It is part of Le Mans University, a university with about  10,000 students over 2 campuses, with faculties of Science, Law, Business, the Humanities as well as  engineering schools. It boasts some world-class research
labs, notably in acoustics.

Our students are looking forward to working with you



Most students take a two-year HND-equivalent diploma called DUT (Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie). Some go on to specialize with a one-year vocational degree preparing them to directly enter the job market («Licence professionnelle»).
Whatever their department, IUT students are used to :

  • working in groups
  • developing their ability to adapt to different situations in  the business world
  • working on practical projects in direct relation with businesses.

What does the placement consist in ?
All students have to do a work placement to complete their degree. The aim is for them to get hands-on  experience and put into practice what they have learnt at college. Typical dates are, for the second-year placement, from early April until mid June (10 weeks minimum) ; for third-year degree level, early February until late May (15-16 weeks min).
Students should be given an assignment in relation to their degree and not just take part in the daily activities of the organisation, although this can obviously be part of the placement.

How do the organisation and the IUT interact ?
Before the placement
We can help you recruit your intern according to your needs, by short-listing applicants among our students.
The assignement can be discussed prior to the  placement between the organisation and the teaching staff at the IUT.
The placement is confirmed by a training agreement signed by the organisation, the student and the IUT.

During the placement
Once the placement is confirmed, each student is assigned an academic tutor at the IUT, whose role is to make sure the placement is going well and to help the student with academic requirements, i.e. completing a report and an oral presentation that are particularly significant in the students’ final assessment.
Within the organisation, the intern will also have a  supervisor.
The IUT tutor will either call or visit the supervisor  during the placement.

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