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University Institutes of Technology

The main role of University Institutes of Technology (I.U.T.), which form part of the University system, is to provide short, technology-based courses aimed at training skilled technicians. The Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie (DUT) (University Diploma of Technology) enables its holders either :

  • to apply for positions in which they may serve as a link between engineers and the general workforce
  • continue studies, involving management and further training later on.

The I.U.T. of Le Mans is composed of four departments :

Other features of the teaching offered by the I.U.T. include :

  • 1800 hours' tuition (60 weeks) or 1620 hours'tuition plus a 10-week industrial placement period, over 2 years
  • the varied backgrounds from which students and teaching staff originate: holders of all types of Baccalaureat (High School Diploma) or equivalent diplomas, students with work experience or wishing to change careers, vocational training or in-work training, teacher-researchers, teachers and lecturers from industry.
  • tuition given mainly in small groups leading to a high pass rate (12 - 14 students in specialised subjects)
  • teaching methods combining induction, deduction, experimentation, continuous assessment, supervised project work, interdisciplinarity, work placement, work-release.

Industry is at the heart of the I.U.T. : its representatives

  • sit on the Board of Governors
  • participate in teaching through lectures
  • organize visits in industry
  • accept students for work placement

The students' work placement projects are profitable to all those involved. Each year, approximately 10 % of second year students take training abroad

After the DUT Diploma holders may :

  • start work
  • take further courses at an I.U.T. or other establishment
  • continue studies in the 2nd cycle (School of Engineering, Degree diploma etc.)

I.U.T.'s offer a wide range of services. An I.U.T. can within the fields it specializes in, assist in studies, analysis, production or give advice.