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What does ECTS offer to the student ?

  • ECTS guarantees academic recognition of studies abroad
  • ECTS enables access to regular courses alongside local students, with the benefit of full participation in the academic life of the host institution.
  • ECTS enables further studies abroad. A student may prefer not to go back to the home institution after the study period abroad, but rather stay at the host institution - possibly to gain a degree - or move to a third institution. The institutions themselves decide whether or not this is acceptable and what conditions the student must fulfil in order to transfer registration and/or to obtain a diploma.

What does ECTS offer to higher education institutions ?

  • ECTS helps academics to make academic recognition decisions thanks to prior agreement on the content of study programmes abroad between students and their home and host institutions.
  • Higher education institutions preserve their autonomy and responsibility for all decisions concerning students' achievements, without amending existing course structure and assessment methods : all courses and assessments are those which are normally taken by regular students at the host institution.