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Mechanical and Production Engineering

The course of studies in the department of Mechanical and Production Engineering (GMP) prepares students for employment or ongoing studies in many different fields.

Graduates from our department can contribute to every stage of production, from the
first ”what if” to the final product : analysis of needs, simulations, design, planning, communication, production, testing. Their training allows them to stay abreast of technological innovations and propose innovative solutions. Possible career paths include : design and simulation, CAD product design, prototypes, project consultancy, process analysis...

Company profiles

  • Automotive
  • Aeronautics
  • Rail
  • Packaging
  • Food Industry
  • Environment
  • Public Works
  • Aerospace
  • Energy
  • Outsourcing
  • Industrial supplies
  • Household appliances

Areas of activity

  • Mechanical engineering and product design
  • Structural dimensions
  • Materials sciences
  • Mechanics
  • Production, CAD, Methods
  • Measuring System
  • Automation
  • Management: organising and managing production
  • Quality control and maintenance


  • Mechanical Engineering is part of all fields of production :
  • from earth movers to nuclear reactor cores
  • from machined parts to folded sheet metal and wrought metals
  • from bearings to gear boxes
  • from toasters to washing machines
  • from scales to water heaters
  • from yoghurt to fruit packing

Further studies

Graduates can go on to study in :
  • Engineering schools
  • Professional HND-level courses with curricula designed to prepare them for immediate hire, especially our department’s third year in Mechanics, either CAD-CAM or Industrial Design / Materials
  • traditional university programmes: BSc, MSc, PhD

Training Facilities

In order to train students for work in tomorrow’s technology, the Dept of Mechanical and Production Engineering is on the leading edge : high-speed 5-axis machining, professional CAD-CAM software (Catia V5, Solid Works, etc.)