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It is important to notify the ECTS co-ordinator for the department of your time and dates of arrival in Le Mans.

Registration at the University / I.U.T.

The ECTS students must register at the Registration Office (Service Scolarité) on the campus or in the relevant department.

The registration can be carried out independently after making an appointment with the Registration Office, or with the help of the department ECTS co-ordinator.

The following documents are necessary for registration :

  • a document attesting your identity
  • at least two identity photos
  • a registration certificate from your home university

and, if you come from a European Union country, the E111 form which certifies your affiliation to a social security system

As a participant of the ERASMUS programme, you will not have to pay registration fees at the University Institute of Technology.

After registration you will receive a student card which will enable you to use the services available to students - libraries, university restaurants, etc.

Public transport

The Le Mans bus network, consists of about 20 different lines, two of which (nº 18 & T1) terminate at the University. You will find a bus and tram guide and timetables for each route at the internet site SETRAM.

In order to travel on the buses, it is possible either to obtain a " Moovéa Étudiants " bus pass plus a monthly " coupon " (25,95 € for 2014), entitling the holder to unlimited travel, or 10 tickets : each ticket is valid for one hour on one or more buses. It must be validated on the bus. It is also possible to buy one " red " ticket from the driver, also valid for one hour, price 1,50 € for 2014.

The " Guide Horaire " gives all the necessary information on travelling by bus.